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Friday, April 24, 2009

1st day in Korea!!

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The Blogsherpa Travel Carnival: The First-Time Travels

Hi all!! at last I manage to post the 1st day that I step on the Korea ground!!
It was really amazing, that time i really still cant believed that i in korea!! it was like a dream!!
After went out from the plane, me and others candidates went to take subway to the main arrival exit.
Ya, this is the arrival exit!! 3 language displayed and it is displayed on LCD plasma screen.

Here is the place to take our luggages!! what a huge place.. we almost lost!! hehe!!

Yup!! here are the candidates from Malaysia!! from left, Jacklyn, Alex, Ni Nyoman and LeX (me). Hehe we look great!!
And here are 20 candidates from Asean, included Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. They all look gorgeous !!

Then, we take bus to Daejeon University!! but the driver seat is on the left hand side of the Bus!! Interesting!!

In the bus, the 1 that i holded on my hand is the safety belt. The belt can be expand but in Malaysia dun have safety belt in the bus and if got usually the expandtion of the belt made near the seat but Korea, they made it on the head of the Belt!! hehe !! interesting!!

This was the 1st restaurant that we went for our lunch.

The 1st ever meal in Korea!! a small bowl of stiky rice, big bowl of beef soup, and 2 different kinds of KimChi!! quite nice!!
What is that? that is a a cup that made from recyclable papar.

and it can be open, they usually use this "cup" to drink plain water. Korea really toward to the environmental friendly world!! Another thing that i also know that, they even seperate all the rubbish to the differents dustbin as well as the leave over foods into special dustbin. HOHO!! really amazing!!

do you all see the Plasma TV? it is on the bus and it was live Baseball match!! Korean can watch Live sports with Plasma TV on bus!! The Bus even drove in 100Kmph and the match shown smoothly without lag!! My God!! Fanstatic !!

Wa! thats me!! the right hand side of the picture is my dormitary. Luxury Dormitary!!

Main entrance of the dormitary!!

Others dormitary.

Another dormitary.

The Cafeteria!
My 1st meal ever in Daejeon University with sticky rice, a bit of kimchi, Seaweed, Eags and a bowl of soup!!

This is the place that we have a drink after taken our meal. After the dinner, we take a walk around our dormitary.

We went to 7eleven shop, usually we buy thing from there although it quite expensive compare to downtown store.

We went to playground, and the playground with some special exercise equipments!!

we saw empty field.

and Baseball playing center. The baseball came out from the machine and we use the baseball stick to hit the ball!! Korean love to play there!!
inside view of the center. there are 3 machine . see it?

and the last place we went was the "ManTou" shop or "Bao" shop. Korean Bao look like that. and it is quite different as well.

Well thats all, the 1st day in Korea. quite interesting, right?
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Thanks!! ; ) ; )

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Comfortable Room in Korea, Daejeon University.

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Hi! guys!
sorry for the such a late post. It is busy than I expected.
This can be consider my 1st day in Korea but this all about the room only.
The experienced of 1st day will be the next post, hopefully.

Here are the picture of my Korea Room!! what a wonderful room that i gonna stay for 9 months!!This is the door entrance of my room.

Inside there are two room,a wash room (leftest door)and small kitchen. my room is the room with door open.

Kitchen with a micro oven, Refrigerator and cupboard. There is a Window in rectangular shape ( a special window) !!
Wash room.

Actually it is quite a luxury wash room for me!! WOW!!

The room is fantastic!! i have my own room, with a high standard office chair ,fair desk size, some snacks & drinks for us on the table!! see it?very huge cupboard!! 3 Column!! wow!comfortable Bed with tight Blanket !!

Have quite a good view as well.. haha.
Air conditional too!!
The left side switch is light switch, the middle 1 is heater switch-we can adjust any temperature we want-the heater is all around the floor of the room- and the floor is made from wood and the right side is the air conditional switch. SO HIGH TECH!! In Malaysia we call it Hostel ( the place we live in campus) but in Korea they call it dormitory. The dormitory that i live is the brown colour building.

Thanks you for you reading. please stay tune for up coming post.
Feel free to leave comments.