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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ceramic Village In Korea!!

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Hi all of my friends there,
Ceramic Village is a place that you must visit if you come to Korea. A place that you shouldn't miss!!

The name of the place is Gyeryeongsan Ceramics Village
The village is located in a narrow valley between Yuseong in Daejeon and Gongju. The valley is heavy with trees and has a small creek that runs from the mountains to the highway. The mountain towers over the valley with craggy walls rising steeply toward the sky.

Turn left off provincial highway 32 at the set first set of traffic lights coming from Daejeon after the turn off to Donghaksa, about 1km. Look for a sign that points toward Sangsin-ri and head 3km into the valley. As you come to the end of the valley, keep to the right and follow the stream past Seong-bul Hermitage (성불암).
This is the way go to the Ceramic village.

In the ceramic village, there are a lot of flowers and trees make us feel so relax.
I like the country side environment.

We really in the country side.. really nice to look around..

All of the pictures that show above are the products that they have made.. all of it so beautiful and also artistic!!

And these are the rings that made from ceramic.. amazing, right? haha

Here are some of my ASEAN friends, we took pictures together.. ^^

Do you see the bicycle on the roof of the building? This is the building that we going to enter and to make and design our own pottery inside.. Interesting!!

And we took some pictures inside the building.. we all are photoholic!! ^^

This is the place that we going to shape our pottery with two of the spinning tools.

Before we start, two of the teachers in the ceramic village do some demostration before we start to do by our-self!! haha exciting!!

Then again took a picture with others ASEAN and chinese firends.. ; )

My Loas friend, Tick made a bird.. really nice.

This is my pottery making video, haha, not skillful enough to make a good one..
But Nice experienced!! ; )

The pottery that i pointing is mine product, and got my name on the surface of the pottery!! The pottery Looking good!! ; )

The entrance of the building, me and indonesian Chinese friend..

He is the manager of this Ceramic Village!! Nice looking guy!! ; )

Me with pottery maker, they look like brother. Maybe they are brother. ; )

Actually this visit participated by 20 ASEAN students, Chinese students and Japanese students. All of us make and design a pottery our-self. Really a nice experienced for all of us!! This is the picture with all of the students, officers and the pottery makers.. ; )

I took this from the bus, they waving to us when we leave the Ceramic village..

Hope able i come here to make it again for SOMEONE THAT SO SPECIAL!! ; )

As for more information regarding the ceramic village in Korea, you all can make some comments to ask me.
Feel free to leave some comments. ; ) ^_^ ; )

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1st Ever outstation trip for my internshp in KINS, Korea

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Hi everyone,
This is my 1st outstation trip for my internship in KINS.
My Supervisor, Prof. Nam, Expert Bus driver and me departed from the institute on 845 am morning.

This was the bus(mobile security center) we went to Anyang city. It is not an ordinary bus as you think. Just read this tread until the end. ; )

The time before i step in to the bus. Cant wait to step on the bus. !!

This are few snapshot of Anyang City.

He is my supervisor, Prof. Nam.
He is a very kind person, he always teach me new things. I like him. ; )

This is the driver seat of the bus, you can see it has more control button than the ordinary bus.

Inside the bus has the control Unit server. The left hand side section is the power generator controller. On the right hand side upper part, it is the satellite control system. For the middle part, is the video & audio controller and for lower part, it is the Input/output controller. Well, during this Trip Prof. Nam explain about how this security system work and the functions too. Very interesting!!

This picture show the middle part of the bus, inside there like a conference room with conferencing system (video camera conferencing). During the emergency operation they able to communicate with headquarter all around the Korea. Impressive!! ; )

There was some problem at the LED screen on top of the bus, some technician went up there to fix it.

Here are few snapshots that me in the bus. ; )

Yap, this is the time to have lunch... What a great restaurant!!

We ate O li roast ( grill duck meat). Really nice and delicious!! I loving it!

Not only the meat but with a lot of side dishes all around the table.. you can see it your self!!

The one on the right hand side was the expert bus driver i mentioned. He talk a lot during the lunch.. hehe ; )

And have free ice cream after the lunch, this restaurant provide free ice cream. Must go there next time... ; )

Well, after that we went to car painter workshop that few Kilometer away the restaurant. Some bus body texts needed to change..

Before it change.

In the process of changing the texts.

After changed.. if you notice there are some korean character changed.. observe by your self.. ; )

They just spend around 45min to change the texts.. really fast..
well after that, we straight away went back Daejeon, KINS.

Haha, an extraordinary bus that i ever know.
It is just some simple experienced from the trip.
The main part for me is the understand on the security system in the Mobile security center.
I learn new thing there.. ; ) ; )

Anyang not just a city, there are a lot of interesting place to visit, click below to know more about Anyang city. ; )
I believe i will visit Anyang again!! ; )

Feel free to leave some comments. ; )