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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mud Festival in Korea!!

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The Boryeong Mud Festival is an annual festival which takes place during the summer in Boryeong, South Korea. The first Mud Festival was staged in 1998 and, by 2006, the festival attracted 1.5 million visitors to Boryeong.

The mud is dug up near Boryeong, trucked to the Daecheon beach area, and dumped at a 'Mud Experience Land'.The mud is considered rich in minerals and used to manufacture cosmetics.

Some of the final weekend participants are foreign tourists, and especially American GIs, but most of the participants during the week are Koreans, attracted by clever marketing by the town. The town fathers and mothers discovered that the mud is more lucrative as a tourist attraction than using the muddy fields for agriculture.[2] The economy generated from the festival supports the many hotels and restaurants along the waterway and several blocks inland. There is also a great deal to see and do in the vicinity and a free tourist bus takes visitors to local sites, including an impressive coal mine and a famous Buddhist shrine.

In 2008 the festival took place between 12-20 July. In 2009 it took place from July 11-19.
So, me at there!!

Here are some of my friends that enjoy much traveling and gain crazy experienced!!

Actually,we went there with "SEM" ( none profit organization ). They subsidized some fund on this trip for all of us. You can see in the photo, we are carrying all the box to the beach. inside the box all of it are our lunch that prepared by SEM!! ^_^

The view of the Boryeong beach with concert stage!! it never happen in my home country (Malaysia)!! Cool!!

Me and the beach view.. the wave quite strong!!

This is the lunch that i talk about.. KIMPAP!! only few bite make mine stomach full!! ; )

This is Me with the color mud!! blue color!!this is the 1st time mud stick on my body and face!! cool man!!

This is the ordinary mud!! look quite ugly.. but great experienced!! ; )

After i wash my-self, i walk around and take some photo!!
See few of the foreigner playing with the mud!! they are so enjoying!!

Since they having so much fun!! i manage to grab one of them to take photo!! ; )

Take picture with color mud couple!! them look great!! keke (some how like zombie couple) ; )

The Mud Festival Mascot.. all over the mascot body with mud too!! the mud almost stick on my cloth!! ; )

The festival also provide some Mud game for kids and adult to enjoy!! the 1st one is for kids. Another one is the mud jail, you can see the small building like a jail.
stay in the jail, the mud will pour into the jail!! yahoo!! then your whole body will all over the mud!! ; )

And you also can see a lot of hot girls and cool guys there too!! ; ) ; )

Before we all leave the place, some of us take a picture together!! ; )

The map of the Boryeong beach and the information stands!!

Before leave the place, i figure out some on scratch my hand!! hehe ; )

Me and the main entrance!!

So, what do you waiting for?
Make your next Korea travel plan on next summer to Mud festival!!
You wouldnt regret!! hehe !!

Some guide how to go to the mud festival:

Seoul Express Terminal
There are 3 terminals in Seoul that you can use to get to Boryeong.
1. Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Central) --> Boryeong (Daecheon) Estimated Time:
2 hours 20 mins.
2. Dong Seoul Express Bus Terminal --> Daecheon (Boryeong)
(3 hours, 8,700 won)
3. Daecheon Terminal to Daecheon Beach

For those from Incheon Airport,
There is a bus from Incheon that directly goes to Daecheon Beach (Boryeong) but only once a day. It departs at 13:20, ticket price is 1,3400 won. However, it will be very difficult to find a ticket for this.

Other Ways to get to Boryeong from Incheon:
1. Incheon --> Cheonan Shinbu Terminal (Cheonan), then from Cheonan -->
Daecheon (Boryeong) (Estimated Time : 2 hours 30 mins, 7,400 won)

Well! Boryeong Mud Festival is one of my favorite place all the time! : D

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Take a look on the Mud Festival 2010

Feel free to leave some comments and questions. ; )
If have any question this Mud Festival, don't hesitate to leave on comments box.
; )