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10 Places Must-Visit in Busan, South Korea

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After many great responses of 10 places must-visit in Seoul, it is time for the second largest city in South Korea. Busan, which is the relaxing city for all kind of traveller, no matter you are on purpose of Business travel, Vacation Travel, Honeymoon Travel, Conference Travel, world travel, student travel or Full time Travel. Busan is another big city which consists of numerous exciting and amusing tourism attractions which mainly surrounded by white sandy beaches with exquisite panorama and more relaxing atmosphere for traveller to walk around the seaside.  Something that you will never miss is the fresh seafood in the market. You can enjoy the scenery of Busan while eating sashimi! Surprisingly, the night view of Busan is able to remind you about your wonderful first love. It’s a sight of behold you must experience if you come to Korea. You might not know that many foreigners choose Busan as their ideal spot for living because of its scrumptious seafood, terrific water sport activities, and magnificent scenery. So, now is time for you to go through " 10 Places Must-Visit in Busan, South Korea ".

Now, let start our journey to Busan! 가자! (Let’s go)

1.  Haeundae Beach

Haeundae beach is the largest beach in Korea that gains a high popularity among international visitors around the year. ‘Haeundae’ in Korean has the meaning of "Sea and Clouds" named by a scholar Choi Chi-Won from Silla Dynasty. In summer, you can see many beautiful girls with their bikinis and muscular guys along the beach. Undoubtedly, you will be fascinated by the dramatic seascape with its fine white sandy beach. Various sport activities are available in order to provide the best recreation and excitement moment to every visitor who visits Haeundae. Haeundae is usually crowded with tourists every year from June to August (summer). Many cultures events and festivals held on this beautiful beach throughout the year to attract international visitors to have fun together.
Busan Beach, Haeundae Beach
Directions: From Seoul Station, take KTX to Busan station. From Busan station walk 172m straight and take bus 1003 and get off at Haeundae Beach stop and walk 169m to Haeundae Beach.

2. Gwangwan Bridge/ Diamond Bridge

Busan Gwangwan Bridge extends over 7.42km which connects Haeundae-gu to Suyeong-gu. When you pass through the Gwangan Bridge on a fine day, best tourist attraction spots such as Oryukdo Island (a rock island), Mt. Hwangryeong), Gwanganri Beach, and Dalmaji Hill can be easily observed. At night, glorious lights equipped on the bridge growing brightly in the darkness like a diamond. To enjoy the awe-inspiring of Gwangan bridge, I recommend you to go to nearest mountains so that no one will be able to interrupt romantic atmosphere created by the night view of Busan city.

Gwangwan Bridge, the Diamond Bridge, Busan

3. Beomeosa Temple

1,300-year-old temple that represents Busan, The Beomeosa Temple on Mt. Geumjeong is Busan’s largest, most historical temple. The scent of pine will greet  and envelope you when you enter 1,300-year-old Beomeosa Temple. There are a lot of treasures located at Beomeosa Temple, such as Daewoongjeon, which has been  designated as national treasure No. 434.  The stone lantern in the front yard of Daewoongjeon  is Busan’s designated cultural asset No. 16. The entrance  gate to Beomeosa Temple — Jogyemun — features four  pillars and is often considered to be the best entrance gate  among Korean temples. 

Beomeosa Temple, Busan
Direction: Subway + Bus -At Beomeosa Station (Busan Subway Line No.1) Exit No.5 or No.7, walk between the two exits along the road for about 5 minutes and you will reach the Samsin bus stop. Take Bus No.90 and you will arrive at Beomeosa Temple Ticket Office.

4. Taejongdae

Taejongdae is marked as one of the noted tourism spots in Busan. It’s a park represents Busan which famous for its remarkable rock beach, located at the southern end of Yongdo Island. There is an atypical rock called ‘Shinsun Rock’, formed by the continuous erosion of waves that produces a mesmerizing outlook of Taejongdae.  You might be lucky if you can clap eyes on the Japanese Island of Tsushima, which is 56km away from Taejongdae on a bright, clear day.  If you don’t want to miss the chance to enjoy the ultimate scenery of bluish green sea, you should visit white lighthouse called MOKDO or the Yeongdo Lighthouse and look at the ocean through the observation deck.
Yeongdo Lighthouse, Taejongdae, Busan
#Gyeongbu Expressway >Budu (Pier) Road >Busandaegyo (Bridge) >Taejongdae
#Guma Expressway >Budu (Pier) Road >Busandaegyo (Bridge) >Taejongdae

5. Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream

The world’s largest flat fountain, Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream, was newly constructed in June 2009 and has become a popular tourist destination in Dadaepo. The fountain is 2,519 square meters, 60 meters in diameter,and its circumference measures 180 meters. Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream can shoot water 55 meters into the air from its 1,046 nozzles. The fountain’s 27 smaller fountains and 1,148 LED lights provide a fascinating water and light show at Dadaepo Beach every night. This is a good place for lover, family and friends to enjoy the moment!
Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream
Direction: Get off at Sinpyeong Station (Subway Line 1) and transfer to Bus bound for Dadaepo Beach (Bus #2, 11, 338, 1000, Saha 3-1)

6. Busan Cinema Center

Busan Cinema Center is an official venue for Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). BIFF has become one of the most popular film festivals in Asia. The designs of building are extremely extraordinary and distinguished. The ‘Big Roof’ is customized with 42,600 artistic LED lights produces a splendid prospect to draw attention of every pedestrian and foreign visitor. There are 3 buildings for different usages: Cine Mountain, is a multi-purpose performance area functions as a theater, musical stage, concert and other staged events. BIFF Hill, is a ground surface which can be utilized for every festival or event. Another building is Double Cone. It serves as an intermediary which connects Cine Mountain and BIFF Hill together that consists of outdoor cafes, restaurants, bars. You can watch the latest movie in theaters with cheap price every day and free movies on every Tuesday night.
Busan Cinema Center

7. Busan Shinsegae Department Store

Shinsegae Centum City is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest department store in the world which comprises 14 floors. It arouses your desires to shop, eat, play, and enjoy! You can go skating in indoor Ice Rink or having spa for beauty treatments and relief from aches and pains at Spa Land after a long day shopping. Multiplex cinema, book center, indoor golf practice, and other facilities are also available in the department store.

Busan Shinsegae Department Store

8. Busan International Flim Festival (BIFF) Square

You can actually do a lot of things here. You can enjoy shopping, eating, watching movies and other entertainments. BIFF Square is also known as a city of cinema owing to the hand prints of the famed movie celebrities. This means that BIFF Square is a main venue of the Busan International Film Festival. Foreigners who had visited this street said they have a good impression on Busan.

Busan International Film Festival

9. Jagalchi Market

Jagalchi Market is the largest seafood market in Korea. The name of this area comes from the words Jagal (small rocks) and ch'i (a village next to the seashore). When you hear Jagalchi Ajumma (Married women) working in the Jagalchi market shout “Oiso, boiso, saiso!”, don’t be astonished. This’s because they are inviting you to “Come, look and buy!” their fresh marine products in Busan dialect. Don’t forget to try their fresh raw fish and other seafood right beside the market when you visit. The raw fish will eventually melts in your mouth easily when you eat with the sauces provided. Busan Jagalchi Festival is held in mid-October every year to promote marine tourism
Jagalchi Market, Busan
Direction: Metro Line #1 Jagalchi Station (Exit 10)> Entrance to Jagalchi Market

10. Heosimcheong / Hurshimchung Spa

One of the largest in Asia with hot, tepid, cold and strawberry milk-filled baths, saunas, pools, and an outdoor section. Located in Dongnae district, known to have been bathed in by kings of Silla (57 BCE – 935 CE) and it has facilities to accommodate 3000 guests on five floors. The spring has been developed into a 4,300 meter square urban complex with 4 million visits a year! After tiring days of travelling, it is time to take a rest in a such relaxing spa!
Heosimcheong / Hurshimchung Spa, Busan
Direction: Take Subway Line No. 1 and get off at Oncheonjang station. Use Exit 1 or 3 and proceed on foot (5-7 min. walk)

The Map of 10 Places Must-Visit in Busan, South Korea

These are the 10 places must-visit in Busan. No matter you are just for a short visit or long travel, please do not miss these 10 places must-visit in Busan! These is the city that gives you the freedom to enjoy various water sport activities that you couldn’t find them in Seoul. You would definitely fall in love with Busan within a day! Let’s feel the passion and dynamic heat of Busan city. Now, it’s up to your choice.


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  1. Thanks!

    Hope this would be very useful for your planning to Busan, South Korea! The second largest city in Korea!


  2. Sounds to be an amazing travel destination, would surely love to plan my vacation here in for the coming summers.

  3. Hi Jeffery,

    Thanks, you should make a plan from New York to Busan, a city that you do not want to miss.


  4. very cool. i LOVE that market photo!

  5. This place seems to be wonderful attraction..Lovely pictures.I am planning for vacation with my family..

  6. hi LeX,
    i will go to Seoul on 29th Aug for 8days...
    now wondering where to go... any suggestion? actually this trip was a free a easy trip, n i just think to take a chance to get a memorable for this trip.
    hope to get some advice or nice itinerary. ^^

    thanks ya^^


  7. Thanks!!!

    Hi Tim,

    I am glad to hear you are heading to Seoul soon!

    I believe you will get a memorable trip in Seoul! Absolutely!

    Please take a look at 10 places Must-Visit to Seoul, South Korea

    Those are the places that you shouldn't miss in your 8 days trip!

    Cheer and happy travel to South Korea!

  8. I haven't been to Busan yet, but hope to visit next summer. This article was much helpful as it highlights some of the places that I already had deep interest in. I do plan on going to the beach and the department store. A girl loves to shop, ya know. ;)

  9. Hi Lex,

    I will go to Korea this 23rd Sept for 1 week with my parent 1 aunty and a friends because my brother stay in Gyeongju so first 1-2 day will be in there ( can recommend where to go ) .
    After 2 day will go to Busan for another 2 days. ( Do u think you can help on home stay contact).

    5th day will process to Seoul ( pls do give me recommend homestay too if you can)

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  10. Hi Lex,

    I will go to Korea this 23rd Sept for 1 week with my parent 1 aunty and a friends because my brother stay in Gyeongju so first 1-2 day will be in there ( can recommend where to go ) .
    After 2 day will go to Busan for another 2 days. ( Do u think you can help on home stay contact).

    5th day will process to Seoul ( pls do give me recommend homestay too if you can)

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  11. Hi Michelle,

    Great to hear that you have plan to Busan! I bet you will love it.


  12. Hi Sally,

    Really great to hear that!

    There are many places you can visit in Gyeongju, like Yangdong Folk Village (experience the traditional site, Seokguram,Bulguksa Temple, Anapji Pond (relaxation) and other more. If you have time, you can check this out "2012 Bomun Outdoor Korean Classical Music Concert" or if you arrive early you could possible catch up "KPOP Hallyu Dream Concert". Do check all these =)

    About homestay, I would suggest you look at these two best Korea homestay websites, "" and "". First of all, you need to register then you can access the database on who is offering homestay in Seoul and Busan. Actually there are so many host there, you just have to choose =)

    Cheer! I wish you, your friend and Aunt have a great trip to Korea!

    Anymore questions? let me know :)


  13. Hi Lex,

    Thanks a lot for your infor. By the way do you have contact for day tour for Busan and Soul ... because I scare my parent quite hard to ... So the easier is follow day trips.

    Thanks and sorry for trouble you.

    By the way where are you staying now ? I am also Malaysian do you need some Malaysian food for me to bring over for you?


  14. Hi Sally,

    You are more than welcome, for day tour I suggest your parent can take the bus tour which is affordable and convenient. All the information are below,

    For Seoul City Bus Tour,

    For Busan City Bus Tour,

    No problem Sally, I am on schedule and Thanks for your kind offer!! =)

    If you think my article is helpful, please share it on Facebook and twitter to your friends family! ^_^

    If you have more questions to as, let me know.


  15. All places are like heaven i wish i could visit there if you find cheap flights for pakistan i suggest you to plan a tour in Pakistan's hilly areas.

  16. Thanks for posting! I am trying to plan an international adventure for next summer, and I have been looking for some awesome travel recommendations from others who have traveled the globe. Thanks for sharing your list, it has been helpful!

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  18. Wonderful tips. I hadn't even heard of Busan before.

  19. Hi Lex,
    Thanks for all your good articles as it makes easier for me to plan my trip to Korea next month ^^.
    I have a request, can you also do one for Jeju, please ^0^

    Thanks & take care...


  20. Appreciate it for publishing! I am striving to plan an international adventure for next summer and find travel agents, and I have been searching for some wonderful travel referrals from others who have journeyed the community. Thanks for giving your checklist, it has been beneficial!

  21. Hi Iza,

    You are welcome.

    Thanks for your suggestions, and 10 Places must-visit in Jeju Island, South Korea is live now

    Please enjoy!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2013

  22. i like the fishing place, the picture in which many kind of fishes are is very nice and heart touching,

  23. Hi Lex,

    Oh...thanks so much for the 10 Places must-visit Jeju ^0^.
    Now, can't wait for my Korea trip next month.

    Thanks again & Happy New Year to you too. Hope 2013 will be a great year for us all :)

  24. Dear Lex. Seoul or Busan? i live in manila philippines and can fly direct to either Seoul or Busan. but i have only about 4 days available for my trip so i want to visit only city. Which city would u recommend for the FIRST TIME traveller to Korea. I must admit Busan looks more culturally interesting. If u could recommend one city for a 4 day trip to Korea which would it be? Seoul or Busan? Im worried if i choose Seoul it will just be a big boring city with not much to see. Busan looks more intersting with nature, temples beaches etc. I plan to travel in may or june.. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR OPINION. seoul or busan? thanku for your time :)

  25. Hi,

    Really great to hear from you!

    Usually, 1st time traveller, I would suggest to go to Seoul because you will experience different kind of cultures and style even in Seoul.

    If you are a person like nature, beach, sea then Busan would be great.

    Seoul and Busan are big cities but I recommend you to visit Seoul 1st, then for the next trip go for Busan :)

    I hope my advice help :)

    Please plan well and enjoy :)



  26. I like your camerawork on the country of South Korea. It is just awesome and it can attract the tourists around the world to pay a visit there. I am also attracted so much by this. And I will surely try to go there in this summer.

  27. It is important to know the place that you will go to. Make sure that before you choose the place that it is the place that you want to go. Do not overlook on a single destination. There are lots of place to choose from for you to enjoy.

    Best Places to Visit

  28. Hi lex, nice to read ur blog. My frens n I will be visiting busan this coming sept. we will be traveling on our own. Can you rec any hotel that is of affordable price and strategic location. We will be there for 6 days.
    By the way you should rec places to stay in your blog too...

  29. Hi Lex,
    I really enjoyed Busan alot more than Seoul coz it's less packed with less tourist I guess. I missed walking ard the Nampodong Gukje market for hours. The friendly stall vendors that cooked extra and offered us to taste new korean food. I managed to take some awesome cherry blossom pics along Dalmaji Road though it was a tough time doing it uphill. Busan is definately a place to be again in my life. cheers

  30. Well i appreciate your efforts for discussing that it solved many of the problems! burj khalifa

  31. Hello i am from busan in korea
    I wondered that how foreigners think about busan
    so i searched and find your posting
    It is nice positng :)
    I am impressed so much ~♥

  32. Hi Jeong Hee,

    Indeed we love Busan :)



  33. Hi Lex,

    Thank you for your sharing! My friends and I are gong to visit Korea for 10 days. We plan to go to Busan, Jeju and then Seoul. Would really appreciate of you could suggest how many days should we spend in each city. Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Syarul,

      Great to hear that you and your friends will be heading to Korea soon!

      For the days, it depend which season you plan to visit Korea.

      Visiting all the cities in 10 days is going to be tight but still do able.

      In spring, you could do 4 days Seoul, 3 days for Busan and Jeju.

      To be more specific, you could contact us by fill up the form here or email us at alextyl[@]gmail[.]com :)

      Hear from you soon :)


  34. hey lex, wish u r fine....i am planning to go busan and nami island by end of Dec......budget n solo it a good time? and how do I get from busan to nami island? any guesthouse to recommend with bfast in nami island? 4 day 3 night budget travel...thanks u in advance....tcare.god blessing...

    1. I hope you had a great trip to Busan and Nami Island :)


  35. Hi,

    I am renu, i love korean dramas, this blogspot i got when i was searching for top places in India, even though its not in India, i feel happy to be here in this blog. Nice pictures it has, i like Taejongdae, fountai of dream, diamond bridge, you people are so lucky to be there.


  36. Hi Lex!

    Can you advice me on whether to stay in Busan for 3 or 5 days? Thanks

  37. Hi,

    Good to hear you will be heading to Busan.

    I would suggest you go for 5 days since you will have more time to visit all the places and it will be a relax trip for you :)

    Have you decided where to stay in Busan? Let us know and we can recommend nice place for you to stay :) Check this out.
    Stay recommendation by LeX Paradise


  38. Hi Lex,

    I am going to Busan on 29th March, 2015. Where should I stay (3-4star) hotel in Busan?

    1. Hi Belinda,

      Kindly fill in the form below and I will get back to you :)

      Stay Recommendation in South Korea



  39. Hello Lex,

    I really liked this post along with your other posts concerning Korea. My name is Andy and I'm part of an online travel startup and I was wondering if you would be interested in collaborating in the future for articles on Korea?

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